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Znabin Foods Inc.

The abandoned Znabin Foods Inc. building.

Znabin Foods Inc. was a food company that once operated out of Spring City.


Znabin Foods Inc

Slam's gang picks Ro's finds clean.

Not much is known about Znabin Foods Inc. However, by the time of "The Accomplice", their Spring City building served as a base of operations for Slam and his gang.

After escaping arrest, Ro approached the old Znabin Foods building with a sack filled with stolen groceries. Inside, the members of Slam's gang picked the spoils clean, leaving Ro with no food for herself. Impressed with Ro's willingness to follow orders, he told her that if she wanted to crash at their "house", she would have to go through a second step of initiation to the gang.[1]


The Zeta Project

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