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"You know what they say: 'Only Zeus is perfect.'"

Zeus is the king of the Greek Gods and the ruler of Olympus.


Thousands of years ago, Zeus led the Olympians in their war against the Titans. However, Hades, Zeus' brother, made a pact with the Titans, and, with the unwitting help of his lover Hippolyta, betrayed the Olympians to the Titans. The Titans were defeated and Zeus banished Hades to Tartarus. Hippolyta was commanded to forever guard the gates of Tartarus for her unwitting role in the betrayal.[3]

In the 21st century, Felix Faust overthrew Hades, threatening the balance between order and chaos. To prevent this, Zeus decreed that Wonder Woman was to go to Tartarus, defeat Faust, and restore Hades to the throne.[4]

Background information[]

  • Zeus' role in DC Comics is quite similar to his role in the Greek myths. Zeus, Greek god of the Sky and Thunder, was born from Kronos and Rhea, overthrew his parents' family, the Titans, with his siblings and grandmother Gaia's help, and ruled over Olympus. He married his sister Hera and had many children, but only a fraction of them with Hera. Ares and Hephaestus were Hera's (though in many versions Hera had Hephaestus alone); Hermes' mother was the nymph Maia, Athena's mother was his first wife, the titaness Metis. He also had many children with the titaness Themis.


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