DC Animated Universe

Zander was the genetically engineered leader of Kobra.



Young Zander under the teachings of Dr. Childes and Dr. Cuvier.

At some uncertain point, Kobra decided to engineer a perfect leader. They synthesized the DNA of the person who would become known as Zander in a laboratory, nourishing him in an artificial womb for nine months of gestation. Since early age, Zander was taught the ways of Kobra. He was trained in military strategies and the use of advanced weaponry, and learned about genetics under the tutelage of Dr. Childes and Dr. Cuvier. Upon reaching adolescence, Zander studied martial arts with Kairi Tanaga, who had vain hopes of teaching him the honorable ways of the Bushido.

Zander quickly became one of Tanaga's most advanced students. Always escorted by bodyguards, Zander was secluded from any kind of social interaction. One night, during a dinner break, Zander shared an insipid rice cake with Terry McGinnis, who convinced him to sneak out and go grab some pizza. At Cheezy Dan's, Zander was awed with everything around him. Terry introduced him to Max, who beat Zander in a round of the Sentries of the Last Cosmos. Unaccustomed to the feeling of defeat, Zander demanded a rematch.

Their gathering was interrupted by a group of Jokerz that decided to pick on Zander. He took out a couple of Jokerz and would have battered their leader to death, had Max not stopped him. The scuffle was cut short by Dr. Childes who scolded Zander for ditching him. Subsequently, Zander was pulled out of the dojo.

Zander became infatuated with Max's impertinent and feisty spirit, so he decided to make her his mate. He visited Max in her apartment and demanded that she go with him. After putting up a fight, Zander abducted Maxine.


Zander in his final hour.

In his headquarters, Zander briefed Max on the goals and plans of Kobra. He offered her to be spliced so that she could survive in the tropical wasteland that Earth was about to become. When Max turned the offer down, Zander ordered one of his lackeys to splice her by force.

Zander moved on with the plan, but right when he was about to drop the thermal bomb into the volcano, Batman intercepted him. He tried to reason with Zander, but to no avail and claimed that friendship, family, and love were his weaknesses. Zander spliced himself, transforming into a dinosaur-human hybrid. He subdued Batman and pressed the release button. However, Kairi, who had infiltrated his airship, disarmed the bomb. In the battle that ensued, Zander caused the craft to go up in flames, and plummet into the volcano. Zander most likely perished in the collision, along with Kairi.


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