DC Animated Universe
Wood Valley Bus Terminal

Wood Valley Bus Terminal as it appears in "The Accomplice"

The Wood Valley Bus Terminal was a bus Terminal in Wood Valley, Maryland.


The Bus Terminal featured a Hoverways Cafe, storage lockers, an information kiosk, a magazine rack, 3 vid phone booths, and at least 4 boarding gates. Presumably among other locations, the depot would take incoming Hoverways Express busses from South Carolina, and send outgoing busses to Spring City

Sometime after leaving Gotham City, Infiltration Unit Zeta's travels brought him here. Disguised as a balding man, he hacked a vid phone booth and called NSA agent James Bennet to attempt to convince him he didn't want to hurt people. However, Bennet was tracing the call, and Agent West and Agent Lee were already en route to the bus terminal. Noticing the agents, Zeta fled the booth. Agent West chased the synthoid through the terminal, firing his side arm through the crowd.

The synthoid escaped to a boarding deck, taking the place of the boarding attendant long enough to give the agents the slip.


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