Not to be confused with actual wizards.

"Wizard" was a small time con man.


Wizard was born in a small town. He figured he could use his skills to head to the big city to get rich quick. He soon learned that urban society was heartless to those making a fast buck, and resorted to small time cons and begging. His ways often succeeded in this small underground economy, and he became the envy of other penny-ante cons. As he was conning people in a part of slum under the control of two hoods named Willie and Monk, they agreed to let him operate on their turf in exchange for a cut (of "fair share") of the cash.

Shortly after getting quick cash after making up a sob story, he was approached by Willie and Monk who told Wizard his payment to them was due. When Wizard claimed he could not pay, they made ready to mug him, but Batman stopped them. Wizard was not impressed with Batman, or his lecture. He didn't really look forward to staying at the Mitchell Street Mission either. But while there, he changed his mind. He was later spotted again by Batman at a bus depot holding a suitcase. Batman figured Wizard was back to his old ways and confronted him about stealing, but Wizard protested the suitcase was his private property. He told Batman that he is going to try and get his life back in order, so he called his family, who bought him a bus ticket home.


Batman: The Animated Series

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