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"Winds of Change" is the ninth episode of Static Shock. It first aired on December 16, 2000. A new Bang Baby named Slipstream attacks the city while Virgil and Richie argue, nearly ending their friendship in the process.


At the Burger Fool restaurant, a fat kid named Heavy C is stealing kids' food. Having enough of him, they managed to defeat him easily. Suddenly, a wind started to blow them out of the restaurant. Having found out that he is a Bang Baby, he decides to use his power for evil.

Meanwhile at the Junkyard, Richie made for Virgil devices known as Zap Caps which can explode once Virgil charges them up. Virgil tells him that he needs to work with Daisy, but Richie is annoyed by this. At the Dakota Union High School, Virgil is working with Daisy at the computer and seems to be fawning at her. Richie moves to his chair and reminds him about his superhero responsibilities, but Virgil rebuffs him then Richie leaves.

At the Dakota Dunes, a new Bang Baby named Slipstream is causing trouble. Static appears and fights with him, but Virgil gets constantly distracted by Richie and Slipstream takes the opportunity to knock him out. Then Richie comes to his aid, driving a bus to the water slide to knock Slipstream out, but Slipstream escapes, and nearly crushes Static.

Back at the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude, Virgil and Richie begin to argue over their failure in capturing Slipstream and Virgil's thoughts about Daisy, the two meanwhile end their friendship. At school, Mr. Lee is going to select two partners to workshop with science about air pollution, Virgil sits with Daisy and Richie sits with Omar.

Somewhere in the Town, while Virgil and Daisy talking about his feud between him and Richie, Slipstream appears and begins attacking Shelly Sandoval and blows up the News Reporter's Helicopter's tail, causing it to lose control. Luckily, Virgil as Static manages to hold the helicopter and safely lands it on the street, causing him to be praised by public, except Richie. Later after the class, Daisy has enough of Richie's quarrel with Virgil and tells him to stop fighting and that she likes Virgil and him as friends. Then she gets a call from Virgil (as Static) about the "winds situation". After that, she scolds Richie for not being there for him and leaves.

Back at the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude, he sees the News at Park that Slipstream has attacked again. This time, Virgil as Static is about to fight with him, but Slipstream splashes him with water and as a result Static becomes powerless. Richie, feeling guilty, takes the Zap Caps to help his friend defeat his enemy and he goes to the Water Park.

At the Park, Virgil tries to escape from Slipstream while being powerless. Then Richie arrives just in time, but Slipstream blows him towards the water. Richie, whose left arm is hurt, sees Virgil and they finally reconcile. They start to run and hide under a bridge. Richie has two Zap Caps left, Static comes up with an idea and asks Richie to give it to him. Static uses the Zap Caps to recharge his powers, and with his powers fully charged to the max, traps Slipstream in a large plate of metal and defeats him.

At school, Daisy is pleased that Virgil and Richie have become friends again and they try to convince Daisy to come with them, but Daisy says that he and Richie are all about superhero stuff to which they replied with their secret handshake: "You might say that".



  • Dwayne McDuffie has called Static's weakness to water, introduced in this episode "stupid", and that he would remove it were he to change anything about the first two seasons.[1]

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Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
News reporter (uncredited)
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Bumper Robinson Slipstream/Heavy C
Boy (uncredited)
Maria Canals Shelly Sandoval
Burger Fool employee (uncredited)
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Crystal Scales Daisy Watkins
Richard Tatum Omar Harmozi
Keone Young Mr. Lee
Rickey D'Shon Collins Boy
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