Willie Watt was a typical high-school scrawny misfit, until he interfaced with GoLeM and acquired telekinesis.


The Ghost of Hill High

File:Willie built.jpg

Willie after a few months in Juvie.

Forsaken by his family and colleagues, Willie found a way to kill time — he hit the weight machines, and acquired a bulkier and more intimidating physique. No longer being the scrawny oddball he once was, Willie imprinted uneasiness on everyone around him, including the guards. He kept his powers under wraps and laid low, so that he would be granted parole for good behavior.

At some point, Willie moved on to vandalize Hamilton Hill High School, plaguing those who had beleaguered him. He stuck Coach Fitz's trophies upside down on the ceiling, and mangled the lounge furniture, among other things. These unexplainable events were quickly blamed on the ghost of Garrison Jacobs. When Dana Tan, Chelsea Cunningham, and Blade tried to summon the spirit in the school's gym, they were cut short by Nelson. At which point, Willie unleashed a telekinetic attack on the facility, and tried to murder his old nemesis, as well as Batman, who had intervened. However, the Tomorrow Knight broke them out to safety.

File:Willie and Blade.jpg

Willie "takes" Blade for an assignation.

Afterwards, Willie set off to harass his old crush, Blade, unleashing havoc on the girls' showers and writing an eerie message on the mirror: "I still love you". Upon this, Terry started suspecting Willie was the responsible for all the mysterious events, so he paid him a visit at Juvenile Hall. During their conversation, Willie inadvertently made a remark about the trashed gym.

File:Willie alone.jpg

Powerless, and alone.

So, Terry threw a glass of water at Willie, forcing him to reveal his telekinetic powers. The room was under surveillance, so when the guards barged in to apprehend Willie, he realized it was useless to keep up the charade, so he busted out.

Willie made his way to Hamilton Hill High School, which had just been closed in fear of more attacks. Willie went after Nelson, and the two exchange a few blows. Even though he was more muscular, Willie still had to resort to his powers to dispose of Nelson. Then, he made an advance on Blade. However, the get-together was interrupted by Batman, who tried to knock him out. Willie unleashed his wrath on Batman, and tried to quash him. He ultimately lost control of his powers, after being hit by a batarang, and got himself struck by a flying tree. Willie was returned to his lonesome captivity, where he was strapped with a power damper that rendered him harmless and unable to escape.


Batman Beyond

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