DC Animated Universe

Wilkes was an officer of the Gotham Police Department. As a rookie, Wilkes was a brave, honest patrolman who is impressed by the crime fighting methods of Batman.


One of Wilkes' first missions on the force was a sting. He was partnered with Renee Montoya, and they were supposed to meet up with Detective Bullock at a warehouse, where the $2 million bait was stored. When they arrived, they found the warehouse ablaze and Bullock's car empty. When they found a weakened Bullock, he sent them in. Montoya entered the warehouse while Wilkes went around the back, where Bullock saw more thugs. In a dark alley, the thugs saw Wilkes and attempted to eliminate him by hitting him with their car. Batman tackled Wilkes to get him away from the thugs, and he was amazed at what he saw. Like many Gothamites, Wilkes' view of Batman was colored by the urban legends of his supposed superpowers, and his recollection of the event reflected that. When Batman threw Batarangs to try and stop the thugs, Wilkes recalled that it looked like "sparks were flying from Batman's gloves".

Following the investigation into the sting by Internal Affairs, Wilkes was suspended. He was reinstated after Montoya and Batman had arrested the drug lord, and showed his gratitude that Montoya stuck up for him and got his badge back.


Batman: The Animated Series