Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Easy Company
Voiced by: Uncredited

Wildman was a soldier in of Easy Company during World War II.


Former bush league pitcher Wildman was a member of Easy Company. His baseball past made him the company's best grenadier, but as he was about the throw one at a fortified outpost, he was hit in the leg by a sniper. Ice Cream tended to his leg, and he was able to continue.

The Company made its way to an artificial hill, underneath which the Nazi's had built a runway. They were too late to prevent the majority of the planes from taking off, but Wildman managed to get into a Tiger tank and shoot the landing gear from under one of the last planes.

Background information

Harold Shapiro was a mild-mannered teacher from Colorado, who only wished to read. However, after growing a bushy red beard, he suddenly becomes a "Wildman" in combat, subduing a number of opponents with ease and braving bombs and strafing to man an Anti-aircraft cannon.


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