DC Animated Universe

Whitney Walker was a patron of the Grandview Science Museum.


Approaching a museum tour guide coming out of the Grandview Science Museum's hall of robotics, Whitney Walker allowed her daughter, Cora Kay, to ask the employee where the restrooms were located.

After leaving the restroom, the mother and daughter rode the human body ride-thru ride anlongside Zeta and Ro. Whitney kicked off a conversation with Ro, asking her if she and her "brother" are enjoying the ride. "It's good when families do things together," she told Ro before suggesting they check out the robot exhibit after the ride. When they passed by the heart, a conversation sparked over the idiom "to keep one in your heart". Taking the term to be literal, Zeta told Ro that there were matters of the heart that puzzled him "Like what it means when people say broken hearts, heartthrobs, heartache." this prompted the revalation that Whitney's husband passed away from a heart attack when Cora Kay was two years old.

After the ride, the Walker family joined the tour group that was headed towards the fusion reactor demonstration. Without her mother noticing, Cora Kay slipped away and wandered into the unattended reactor. As soon as she realized her child was trapped within the reactor, Whitney shrieked in horror. Swiftly, security attempted to free the little girl, but to their dismay the reactor override was jammed.

Resolved to help Cora Kay, Zeta jumped into action. Dodging the guards, he ripped the handle clear off the reactor door. With all of his strength, Zeta pried his fingers into the reactors metallic casing and ripped a hole in the side. Freeing the frightened child, he returned her to her mother .


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