DC Animated Universe

Wendell P. Morgan was the sheriff of Hillsburg, Oregon.


Wendell Morgan was an honest family man. He had a lovely wife, Mary, and a daughter, Tiffany. For some time, they also sheltered young Rosalie Rowan. Though Wendell tried to make her feel at home, she ran away. He and Mary were worried for her, fearing that something would happen to her.

Some time later, Mary died, and Wendell successfully ran for Sheriff.

Ro and Zeta — disguised as Hollywood star Adam Heat — went to visit Oregon in the hope that her former foster father had kept some of the paperwork. The sheriff agreed to look for them, provided that "Adam Heat" did something in return: do a scene with Tiffany at her audition of a local theater. Ro reluctantly agreed.

In the mean time, The NSA learned of Ro and Zeta's stay in Oregon. They tried to contact Sheriff Morgan, but through dumb luck, Ro intercepted the call. Learning that Bennet was on their trail, she took Morgan to the theater in the hope of eluding the feds.

Walt Merkin, Tiffy's boyfriend, was supposed to do the scene with her. Instead, he got to operate the stage projector. After fouling up, Zee's disguise as Adam Heat was nullified. Wendell recognized the wanted terrorist. He pulled his gun, but missed when Ro intervened. While Zeta ran, Morgan and Walt chased him into a logging area. Walt tried to fight Zeta with a chainsaw, but inadvertently let loose a cart of logs, rushing down on the community theater. Without hesitation, the robot jumped on the cart and prevented a disaster.

Convinced that the terrorist robot was not what the apb's said, Morgan had a change of heart. When the NSA finally arrived, he led them to the wrong direction, allowing Ro and Zeta the chance to escape. Sheriff Morgan was unable to find any important papers on Ro's adoption, but vowed that they would always be welcome in Hillsburg. Tiffy gave Ro a holopic of her brother, an item she had stolen from Ro out of jealousy years earlier.


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