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The Weather Wizard was originally Mark Mardon, an extortionist from Central City whose path had crossed that of the Flash.


During the charity race between Flash and Superman, Mardon adopted his new costumed identity and used a sophisticated weather control device (developed mainly by Ben, Mardon's brother) in a grand new extortion scheme. He was defeated by the two heroes working together.

Weather Wizard also joined with the Superman Revenge Squad, and later became a member of Grodd's Secret Society. During the coup on the Legion's base, Mardon sided with Grodd, who was vying for control against Lex Luthor. After Grodd was killed, Killer Frost froze several of Grodd's faction, including Mardon. He and the other mutineers were killed when Darkseid blew up their headquarters.


Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League

Justice League Unlimited



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