Wayne manor

Wayne Manor

The Wayne family estate, Wayne Manor, has been home to Thomas, Martha and Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Situated on a rocky cliff, its official address was 1007 Mountain Drive.[1]


The mansion was the ancestral home to the Wayne family. Apart from being a private home, it has also been a center of activity for the Gotham City elite. A number of social events, including a fundraiser for Harvey Dent's re-election campaign were held here. The mansion was a fully-equipped home with a kitchen, gym, multiple bedrooms, servants quarters, a fully-equipped library, a vast collection of antiques ranging from guns to paintings and even a Ming vase prior to it being accidentally destroyed by Alfred, a multi-car garage and a study which contains the secret entrance to the Batcave. Apart from the secret entrance behind the grandfather clock, the Batcave could also be accessed via an elevator hidden behind a book cabinet.

The caverns below the mansion are where the Batcave lies. Also underneath the mansion is a large underground garage for Wayne's extensive automobiles. During the events of the Thanagarian invasion the Justice League sought refuge in the Batcave and used the mansion as a temporary meeting place while the organization was rebuilding.


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