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Wayne manor

Wayne Manor

The Wayne family estate, Wayne Manor, has been home to Thomas, Martha and Bruce Wayne, Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce's wards, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Situated on a rocky cliff, its official address was 1007 Mountain Drive.[1]


The mansion was the ancestral home to the Wayne family. Apart from being a private home, it has also been a center of activity for the Gotham City elite. A number of social events, including a fundraiser for Harvey Dent's re-election campaign were held here. The mansion was a fully-equipped home with a kitchen, gym, multiple bedrooms, servants quarters, a fully-equipped library, a vast collection of antiques ranging from guns to paintings and even a Ming vase prior to it being accidentally destroyed by Alfred, a multi-car garage and a study which contains the secret entrance to the Batcave. Apart from the secret entrance behind the grandfather clock, the Batcave could also be accessed via an elevator hidden behind a book cabinet.

The caverns below the mansion are where the Batcave lies. Also underneath the mansion is a large underground garage for Wayne's extensive automobiles. During the events of the Thanagarian invasion the Justice League sought refuge in the Batcave and used the mansion as a temporary meeting place while the organization was rebuilding.

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