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The Wayne/Lex T-7.

The Wayne/Lex T-7 was a probe-droid designed to navigate rugged terrain without losing sight of its ultimate target.


The Wayne/Lex T-7 was manufactured by a joint enterprise between LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne envisioned them as a revolutionary aid for unmanned space travel. However, Lex Luthor had another application in mind — warfare. Their agreement required Bruce's approval for every technological application, and he firmly vetoed Luthor's proposition due to his hatred of guns. Luthor was not happy with Bruce's disapproval.

Despite this, Luthor secretly had larger, armed versions of the Wayne-Lex T-7 built as prototypes. One of these, armed with a laser, was sent by Joker to kill Batman. The machine proved both too resilient for Batman to defeat alone, and too fast and tenacious for him to evade, though it chased him all the way across Metropolis. Cornering him in the Daily Planet building, Batman temporarily stopped it by shoving it into a printing press, but it took a stomp from Superman to finally stop it.

Later, even larger versions designed for heavy warfare were activated by the Joker to kill the two heroes. Batman and Superman successfully destroyed them all after an intense engagement.

Bruce Wayne, "discovering" that Luthor had broken the terms of their deal, terminated Wayne Enterprises' deal with LexCorp.


The standard Wayne/Lex T-7 was equipped with a laser gun and navigated with six insect-like legs. It also had retractable caterpillar tracks for fast driving.

The larger military models were also equipped with additional arms for grappling, and Gatling guns.


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