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Wayne-Powers was a corporation made from the merger of Wayne Enterprises and Powers Technology.


The merger happened around or shortly after Bruce Wayne retired as Batman, Bruce would constantly avert attempted takeovers by Derek Powers but the latter was ultimately successful with merging both companies, possibly because Bruce's declining health prevented him from fully protecting his company from the takeover. Powers was the initial CEO and Chairman of the Board. Bruce had little actual power in the day-to-day affairs of the corporation, but he was still a major shareholder and retained influence among the board. To gently mock Bruce's lack of control of the company, Derek Powers offered to allow Bruce to return to the company in an advisory role and that he would put Bruce in the finest office in the building. It also had several armed guards wearing white and black armor.

When Derek Powers began to have trouble maintaining his radioactive condition, he appointed his son Paxton as his replacement, intending to use Paxton as his puppet. When Derek was exposed as Blight (something that Paxton had secretly engineered to fully take over from his father), Paxton was able to assume full control of the company.[1] Eventually, he was arrested for hiring the Royal Flush Gang to assassinate Wayne and employing thieves to steal artifacts from museums for his private art collection.[2]

With the Powers family disgraced, Bruce decided to reenter corporate affairs as CEO and Chairman of the Board. To prevent this from happening, Jordan Pryce hired the Jokerz to assassinate Bruce and ransack the company. They failed, and Pryce was arrested, allowing Bruce to resume full control over the company, reverting its name back to Wayne Enterprises.[3]



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