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Warren Lawford was The Fox, the leader of the Terrible Trio.


Fox gives a beaten security guard a conceited lecture.

Being wealthy, over-privileged and spoiled rotten, Lawford formed the Terrible Trio with two fraternity brothers, Armand Lydecker and Gunther Hardwicke. They had conquered all thrill-seeking pursuits such as deep sea diving, and needed a new thrill.

Since they deduced that man had mastered many fields, except crime, they would attempt to commit crimes to get thrills. Warren was considered the most extreme member as he would attempt to murder his own girlfriend, Rebecca Fallbrook, in order to silence her, which even his compatriots found vile. After subduing the two other members and getting Rebecca to safety, Batman had a prolonged fight with Lawford. Batman eventually prevailed, and despite Lawford's attempt to bribe him, Batman would have none of it. Lawford then retorted to Batman to go ahead and capture him, as he could afford high-powered lawyers who were guaranteed to find a technicality or some other loophole to get the charges dismissed, or as he claimed, "the kind of justice only money can buy."

However, Lawford underestimated both the justice system and the amount of trouble he was in, and was next seen in Stonegate Penitentiary, being escorted into a drab, dank cell; he got a cold welcome from a big man who was apparently unhappy having Lawford as a cellmate, and he is taken aback by his new spartan residence. Reality then hits Warren Lawford as the cell door is being closed behind him.


Batman: The Animated Series

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