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Travis Morgan was the Warlord of Shamballah.


Morgan was once an Air Force pilot who came through the portal underneath the North Pole and stumbled upon Skartaris ― a tropical world in the core of the Earth. He decided to leave everything behind, established himself in Skartaris, made friends, and built a family. Morgan envisioned freedom, peace and justice for Skartaris, and became known as the Warlord for endorsing these ideals and fighting against oppressive forces. Warlord is a gifted swordsman, military strategist, and leader. He also carries an automatic pistol since his Air Force days.


Warlord and Deimos final showdown.

When Deimos started to rapidly taking over Skartaris, Warlord had his magic-wielding daughter, Jennifer, summon a group of Leaguers to help in the battle. Their primary objective was to prevent the "The Great Stone" from falling into Deimos's possession. Warlord led his troops against the wizard's invading army, and fought them off. When Deimos moved in on the tabernacle containing the Stone, Warlord intercepted him. He managed to subdue Deimos in a sword fight, but hesitated in killing him. Deimos got himself killed by lunging at Morgan, and falling off a precipice. The Warlord announced victory and decreed freedom and peace for Skartaris. He then agreed upon sealing the entrance to Skartaris forever, because he had everything he needed there ― his family.

Background Information

The Warlord debuted in First Issue Special #8 (November, 1975) and was created by Mike Grell. Travis Morgan was a veteran who had lost his wife to an automobile accident. He served under the U.S. Air Force, and while investigating a new Soviet installation, Morgan was attacked and inadvertently fell into a portal that stranded him in Skartaris, a tropical world within the Earth. There, he met Tara, Queen of Shamballah, who taught him the ways of her people, and who would soon become his mate. After leading a slave revolt, Morgan took on the name of Warlord. He battled evil kings, lizardmen, and sorcerers, most notably the high priest Deimos. The Warlord gathered several allies, such as his magic-wielding daughter Jennifer Morgan, Machiste, ruler of Kiro, and his mate Mariah, the panther-woman Shakira, Krystovar, and Rostov. He also fathered one child with Tara, Joshua. The Warlord possessed no special powers, but he was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, swordsman, marksman, tactician, and charismatic leader. He also wielded the Hellfire Sword, the blade of which must take someone's blood every time it was drawn.


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