Warhawk, real name Rex Stewart, the son of the famous Green Lantern John Stewart and Shayera Hol, was a member of the Justice League Unlimited.


Warhawk was a very stern and valiant warrior who had a slightly impulsive temperament. When the JLU was suspected of having a traitor among its ranks, Warhawk wasn't at all amenable to Batman's inclusion in the team, after Superman recruited him without their consent. Warhawk immediately spurned Batman and dismissed him as a punk. Even after saving Aquagirl's life, Warhawk reprimanded Batman for not calling him and Big Barda on the intercoms.

During a rescue mission, Warhawk got an emergency call on the JLU frequency. However, upon realizing Batman didn't get that call, Warhawk became suspicious. He told Batman to stay behind, and headed off to deflect an incoming warhead. He activated his body covering armor, and then shed it and fled to safety. He operated the armor remotely, and when Starro/Superman detonated the missile, Warhawk appeared to be killed.[1]

A few hours later, Warhawk returned to the Metro Tower, when Batman was revealing to the JLU the real culprit behind the sabotages and attacks. His return was greeted with great relief by his teammates. He explained how he had eluded death and what had prompted the deception. Warhawk's opinion of Batman started to change, as he actually praised him for disobeying his previous command to stay behind. Although Warhawk set off to take revenge on Superman, he was held back by his teammates who wanted to give Superman the benefit of the doubt. However, when Starro was forced to surface, a battle between Superman and the League ensued.

After the whole ordeal, Warhawk admitted to being wrong about Batman.[2]

In the alternate future that Chronos makes himself the master of space and time, Warhawk, alongside an aged Static, Batman II (Terry McGinnis) and the old Bruce Wayne are the only surviving JLU members. After both the Metro Tower and the Batcave were destroyed, the remaining JLU used the abandoned Hamilltion Hill High School as their headquarters. Later on, the JLU saves the modern-day Justice League (Green Lantern John Stewart, Batman (Modern day Bruce Wayne), and Wonder Woman) from Chronos' retooled Jokerz. Afterwards, Warhawk reveals to Stewart his face and real name: Rex Stewart. It's there that Warhawk revealed that he's the son of John Stewart and Shayera Hol. While convincing Chronos' wife Enid to reveal where her powerful husband is , he briefly encounters Hal Jordan. When the Justice League and JLU finally found Chronos, they were fighting his Jokerz again. While Warhawk/Rex Stewart were fighting several Jokerz, his teammates, Static and Terry, were both killed because the sideaffects of Chronos' travells to the past. After he defeated one of the Jokerz, Rex relaxed for a second but suddenly a mammoth was transported from its time and push Rex aside like a rag doll in the path of another joker who was about to deliver a killing stike, but was saved by his father at the last second. All of these events creased when Rex's father John and the modern day Batman overwritten Chronos' time travel with their counter program.

During the subsequent years, Warhawk remained a member of the Justice League Unlimited, having fought the Iniquity Collective,[3] among others.

Abilities & Equipment

Being half-human, Warhawk lacked organic wings, but he donned artificial wings[4] harnessed in a remote retractable polynized aluminum steel casing.[1] He also seemed to possess strength greater than that of even a powerful human being, showcased by nearly matching blows with Superman.[2] His suit could cover his entire body in armor, and could be piloted remotely. It also had retractable claws.


Batman Beyond

Justice League Unlimited


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