Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Wade's Crew
Voiced by: Omar Gooding
This article is about the Dakota gang leader. You may have been looking for Wade Eiling or Wade Pennington.

Wade was a friend of Virgil Hawkins, and a Dakota gang leader.


Wade was a rival of Francis Stone. He stopped F-Stop from beating up Virgil in a quarrel over Frieda, but the hothead vowed revenge. Wade arrived too late to prevent that revenge; F-Stop had already ambushed Virgil on his way back to school and beaten him up. Because constantly watching Virgil's back took up too much of his time, Wade decided to induct the reluctant boy into his crew. This put Virgil in an awkward predicament, as he didn't want to join a gang, yet at the same time, he was afraid to tell Wade no.

Wade saw the opportune moment to take care of F-Stop permanently: All the gangs would be having a big showdown in the Docks. Wade took Virgil with him, but the fight didn't go as planned. Police shot canisters of tear gas, which then mixed with a chemical stored on the premises, and caused a large explosion. Wade was caught in the massive gas cloud. Wade's final fate is uncertain, as he never appeared again in the series.

Background information

Wade is based on Larry Wade, a character in Milestone's Static comic. Larry was a gang leader, who watched over Virgil in his fights against Martin "Biz Money B" Scaponi. Unlike his animated counterpart, Larry did not attend the Big Bang; he merely supplied Virgil with a gun and told him where the showdown was. Larry Wade was Frieda's boyfriend, despite his young friend's affection for her.

Static Shock's Big Bang does not directly mention any fatalities (unlike the comics, where more people died than mutated), so it is unknown whether Wade, Duke and the rest of the crew survived.


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