DC Animated Universe

"Baron" Wacklaw Josek was a two-bit con man.


Josek was a smooth-talker from Eastern Europe with prior convictions for fraud. He styled himself "the Baron", though there was little noble about him. Commissioner Gordon had a rather low opinion of Wacklaw Josek, saying he would do and say "anything for a free meal". However, the Gotham Relief Foreign Aid Society was unaware of his checkered past (or fooled by his guise), and invited "Baron Josek" to speak at a banquet hosted by them.

Batman looked him up, as he was a known associate of Josiah Wormwood. After a short interrogation on the edge of a billboard, Josek told Batman everything he knew about his compatriot, which wasn't much. Batman then advised Josek to leave Gotham for a while, which he did. This allowed Batman to disguise himself as Josek and capture Wormwood.


Batman: The Animated Series