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"Men have fragile egos. To get what you want, you have to know how to talk to them."[1]

Vixen (real name Mari) was a member of the expanded Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. In her civilian life, she was a fashion model. She also dated John Stewart after Hawkgirl resigned from the League.


Vixen and John

Mari and John's relationship.

Vixen joined the reformed Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. At some point, she became involved with John Stewart, and would accompany him on missions, including the return of Solomon Grundy. This event also marked the return of Hawkgirl, which put a strain on Vixen and John's relationship, as she was his former lover.

Vixen and Hawkgirl

Vixen and Shayera's rivalry, as well as their friendship.

Despite both of them wanting John, Vixen saved Shayera from a group of Thanagarians who sought to kill her for her betrayal of her people during the invasion. Following this, the two developed a mutual respect and, eventually, a friendship. They kept the competition for John's affection friendly, oftentimes making him squirm, which seemed to please them both to no end.

Vixen was also unwittingly involved in Roulette's Glamor Slam. She and Hawkgirl fought against Black Canary and Huntress, until their communicators were destroyed, stopping the mind-controlling signal. However, the four then faced off against Wonder Woman, a battle in which both Vixen and Hawkgirl were badly beaten, until the signal was stopped once and for all.

When Vixen was seriously injured after a battle with the Shadow Thief, John told Hawkgirl about Warhawk, the son that they are meant to conceive in the future. However, he refused to allow destiny to dictate his life, preferring to make his own choices. Though he still loved Hawkgirl, he stayed loyal to Vixen.

Powers and abilities[]

Vixen was in possession of a mystical amulet that, upon being touched, allowed her to mimic the abilities of any animal of her choice, all without changing her form. She could be as fast as a cheetah or have the weight and strength of an elephant as she wished. Her powers did have restrictions, though; she did seem to be incapable of mimicking animals that could fly.

Mimicked animals[]

Vixen has been seen mimicking an array of animal abilities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Speed, claws, and feline agility of a cheetah (or leopard)[2][1]
  • Accelerated healing of a reptile[2]
  • Weight of an elephant[2][1][3]
  • Infra-red vision of a reptile[1]
  • Grip of a boa constrictor[4][3]
  • Feline attributes of a puma[3]
  • Ramming capability of a rhinoceros[5]
  • Electric touch of an electric eel[5]
  • Strength of a gorilla[5]
  • Surface adherence of a spider[5]


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