Vincent was Dr. Wheeler's right-hand man.


Vincent did Wheeler's bidding without emotion, acting as a ruthless extension of the doctor's ill intentions. He made sure the kids at the clinic all stayed in line, and if they didn't, he would send them to ISO treatment. He also served as the clinic receptionist and perimeter guard.

Vincent's first clash with Batman came when Batman accidentally triggered the alarm system during his first investigation of the clinic. He led the security guards in trying to take him out, chasing Batman through the surrounding forest in an armed flying pod, but being foiled by means of smoke bombs and the Batsuit's cloaking device.

When Terry McGinnis infiltrated the clinic asking to see Chelsea Cunningham, Vincent confiscated the backpack that held the Batsuit, but the metal detector he also employed failed to catch the camera that Terry had with him. Terry was later caught when a fight with Sean Miller drew the attention of Vincent and the guards, an incident that brought Wheeler to the scene. Upon having Terry searched, finding the camera and its contents, and having him locked up, Wheeler ordered Vincent to kill him and make his death look like an accident, but first they would put him in ISO along with Sean to "take the fight out of him".

Unfortunately for Vincent, Terry and Sean turned against him and the other guard before either of them could be put into ISO. Though Vincent was able to get the upper hand on Terry, he was knocked out by Adam Stepnik, who had entered the ISO chamber and sneaked up from behind with his easel.

After Batman took down the guards trying to subdue the revolt of the students started by Terry and Sean, Vincent, having come to during the revolt, rejoined the fight, now taking on Batman with an electrostatic lance. After a few swings, he was disarmed, and Batman knocked him out with a single punch.

Vincent was likely arrested along with Wheeler and the other staff when the clinic was shut down.


Batman Beyond

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