Vibra-Space Belt

The Vibra-Space Belt was a device invented by Nabuo Taka of Wayne-Powers that vibrated one's body molecules, turning its user incorporeal.


Taka developed a theory called vibra-space, which dictated that if atoms and molecules were made to vibrate in such a way, objects could pass though each other. Using this theory, he invented the vibra-space belt.

At one point, Taka conceded to an interview with Ian Peek about his research, telling him about the belt. Seeing it as an opportunity to jump-start his career, Peek stole the belt and then set the place ablaze to cover his tracks, killing Taka in the process.

Using the stolen belt, Peek used it to acquire dirt on Gotham City's celebrities, which he exposed on his tabloid show, "The Inside Peek," eventually allowing him to discover the new Batman's secret identity, as well as Bruce Wayne's involvement.

However, Peek's overuse of the belt began to take its toll on his body, first by causing him acute stomach pains, and then, before he could reveal Batman's identity, causing him to slowly turn intangible even without the belt. Ultimately, Peek lost all of his bodily substance and sank into the ground, with Bruce implying that he would keep sinking until he reached the center of the Earth.


Batman Beyond

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