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Batman rogue

Vertigo was a rogue who tangled with Batman and Talia. He was the leader of a splinter group of the Society of Shadows.


According to Talia, Vertigo was once in the employ of her father, Ra's al Ghul, as a member of his vast organization. However, Ra's came to realize that Vertigo's heart was too black and evil for his goals towards the world. Thus, Vertigo went his own way and gathered a following of members from Ra's' Society of Shadows who were loyal to him. His group set up various hideouts and bases, including an abandoned castle outside of Gotham City

Vertigo sonic

Vertigo's sonic eyepatch.

When Wayne Enterprises was bringing a new sonic drill to Gotham City, an outside threat began using vertigo-based powers to cause mental instability (hallucinations) among the members of the Gotham Police Department. Batman later discovered the threat to be Vertigo, who planned to utilize the drill for his own personal gain. Batman enlisted the help of Talia to subdue Vertigo at his castle, but the attempt was slowed by the rogue, who used his powers on them. It was at this point that Vertigo nearly escaped with the drill, but the pair caught up with him in the castle's bell tower. Talia, thinking quickly, rang the bell, neutralizing Vertigo's final attempt to defeat her and Batman. Vertigo, overwhelmed by the noise of the ringing, fell out the tower's window and into the river below. His fate is never directly addressed, but without Vertigo to lead them, his remaining agents fled, and his splinter group fell apart. This left Ra's al Ghul once again in full control of the Society of Shadows.


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