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Veronica "Ronnie" Vreeland was a member of the Gotham City elite.


The granddaughter of a famous hunter and the daughter of an army man, Veronica Vreeland had led a wealthy life off of her trust fund. She lived in a mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City, from where she was involved in numerous charities and fundraisers. In these circles, she became a good friend of Bruce Wayne and often pursued him as a potential romantic partner, although it never went beyond simply being his friend. This friendship would continue for decades as Bruce had made a public appearance at a new hotel the Vreeland family had opened.[2]

Veronica has also gotten herself into a lot of trouble with some of Gotham's most colorful criminals.[3][4][5] She pretended to show interest in the Penguin in order to use him to gain publicity for her party, a plan which eventually aroused the Penguin's fury, sent him back to prison and effectively destroyed his chance of reforming.[3] The Mad Hatter used one of her trips to Middle-America to brainwash her and the rest of the Gotham elite,[4] and Harley Quinn unintentionally kidnapped her when she was released from Arkham.[5]

Veronica has been married at least four times; including to a plant that; was created; by Poison Ivy.[6] She did eventually give birth to a daughter, named Bunny; who took her mother's maiden name; instead of her father's surname.[7]

Background information[]

Marilu Henner has described her character as follows: "Veronica's the type of person who would reject Bruce for being too boring, then sit around wondering why Batman hasn't called her."[8]


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