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Veronica "Ronnie" Vreeland was a member of the Gotham City elite.


The granddaughter of a famous hunter and the daughter of an army man, Veronica Vreeland led a wealthy life off of her trust fund. She lived in a mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City, from where she was involved in numerous charities and fundraisers. In these circles, she became a good friend to Bruce Wayne and often pursued him as a potential romantic partner, although it never went beyond simply being his friend. This friendship would continue for decades as Bruce made a public appearance at new hotel the Vreeland family opened.

She has also gotten herself into a lot of trouble with some of Gotham's most colorful criminals. She pretended to show interest in the Penguin in order to use him to gain publicity for her party, a plan which eventually aroused the Penguin's fury, sent him back to prison and effectively destroyed his chance of reforming. The Mad Hatter used one of her trips to Middle-America to brainwash her and the rest of the Gotham elite, and Harley Quinn unintentionally kidnapped her when she was released from Arkham.

She has been married at least four times including to a plant created by Poison Ivy. She did eventually give birth to a daughter, Bunny—who took her mother's—rather than her father's—surname.

Background information

Marilu Henner has described her character as follows: "Veronica's the type of person who would reject Bruce for being too boring, then sit around wondering why Batman hasn't called her."[2]

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The New Batman Adventures


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