Batman rogue

In an alternate universe, the Ventriloquist & Scarface was a former rogue of Batman.


Ventriloquist & Scarface's history was presumably the same as "their" counterparts from the Justice League's universe, except that he remained as a Batman rogue up to until the Justice Lords decided to have a fascist-like hold on the world by appointing themselves rulers of their world.

When the criminally insane in Arkham Asylum were all lobotomized by Superman, he "lobotomized" the Ventriloquist as well by using his heat vision on the Scarface dummy. Contrary to all the other Lord Batman rogues, the Ventriloquist never was truly lobotomized: he was rendered completely harmless only because he believed Scarface was.

When the Justice League entered Arkham, the now harmless Ventriloquist was seen holding the "lobotomized" Scarface at the institution, watching TV with the other inmates. When the Lord Superman robots were activated, he presumably ran to safety.


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