Howdy, DCAU wiki folks!

Not sure who exactly would be reading a random blog post on my user page, but - if you found yourself here - welcome.

I used to be a fairly active member of this wiki a few years back, but my fandom sort of goes in waves as to what I'm obsessing over lately. Now, a few years later, the pendulum has swung back around to this corner of my nerdscape.

So, as the blog portion of these user pages seems fairly open-ended for use, I think what I'm going to do is use it as a sort ground-zero for a rewatch experiment I'm going to do for the DCAU.

The first time I watched the whole of the DCAU epic, I did so chronologically by airdate. This time I'm going to try something different. Probably a decade ago, I found a post on a site called "comic book movie" where a fellow had ordered the entirety of Batman: The Animated Series, not chronologically, but rather as a progressive thematic narrative. I liked the idea so much that (using his BTAS order as my starting point) I then ordered the rest of the DCAU in a similar fashion.

The only problem is I never got around to watching it in that order. I think I'm going to remedy that.

The way I set it up, it should run as an arc driven experience, with about 20 "Seasons" of about 19 or 20 episodes each. Some may run a bit longer, but - over all - each discrete block should provide a fairly unified experience, geared toward enhancing the overall narrative.

We'll see.

The first "season," if you will, is 19 episodes (all of BTAS). If it tracks, I imagine it should serve as an initial overture, introducing the setting of Gotham; moving Batman - initially a mysterious figure - toward a tighter relationship with the GCPD; shifting from an initial underworld focus toward the intro of the costumed baddies; and ending on a bit of a cliffhanger with Harvey Dent.

Again, we'll see...

In any case, if all goes well, I'll report back with my reviews in a few, then post the next "season".

Tally Ho!

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