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Late breaking news!

After having thought I'd put "Season 2" of the Exnihil DCAU custom viewing order to bed, I starting fleshing out season 3... only to discover there was an additional episode which - thematically - completely does not work. To wit:

Terror in the Sky

As will be posted shortly, whereas Season 2 of the custom order had a sort of "monster" feel to it, Season 3 will be focused more on science. As such - although "Terror in the Sky" certainly is rooted in scientific goings-on - the overall feel of that ep is definitely more of a piece with the earlier arc.

As such, I think I'm going to do a bit of rejiggering and place this episode (with all of the winter elements) directly after "Christmas With the Joker" and then - to provide a slight gap between Kirk Langstrom-centric episodes - shift "Tyger, Tyger" to after "Day of the Samurai".

That still provides a nice "somber" mood for a series of eps before shifting to the comedy of "Joker's Favor" and - at the same time - also creates a beautiful transition from the full moon at the end of "Terror in the Sky" to the blazing sun at the beginning of "Day of the Samurai".

Trust me, it looks great.

(Even better... fire up your own copies and check out the "Ex-Order". It's pretty cool... your money back if you don't agree.)

So... that would take season 2 to 20 eps instead of 19, and make the whole thing look something like (read: "exactly like") this:

Rewatch Order Airdate Order Prod. Order Title Cape and Cowl Conspiracy's Never Too Late in Crime Alley Underdwellers
1.061.591.64Read My Lips to Fear Cat and the Claw, Part I Cat and the Claw, Part II A Clown've Got Batman in My Basement
1.121.331.36Cat Scratch Fever Leather Wings Poison
1.151.321.18Beware the Gray Ghost Forgotten Last Laugh of Doom, Part I
2.011.511.32Robin's Reckoning, Part I
2.021.531.33Robin's Reckoning, Part II of the Ninja
2.041.541.59Blind as a Bat
2.061.361.43Moon of the Wolf
2.071.561.17See No Evil Part II of Victory
2.101.381.02Christmas With the Joker
2.111.371.45Terror in the Sky
2.121.551.44Day of the Samurai
2.141.301.42Tyger, Tyger's Favor Youth Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne of Clay Part I of Clay Part II Clock King
2.201.311.28Dreams in Darkness

Still digging it!

Part Three (still) coming soon...

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