Exnihil Exnihil 30 March 2019

Custom Order Rewatch - Part 08

Well, I see by the hands on the clock that it’s C.O.R.B.E.N. time once again. No, not that Corben... I mean the Custom Order Rewatch by Exnihil (trademark pending).

Up to this point, we've now spent a solid seven seasons in the company of just two main heroes, one wearing a bat on his chest, and the other wearing a big red "S".

While it's been an interesting exercise watching the dynamics of the overarching narrative oscillate between the light and dark themes of these two, it has gotten a little lonely in the hero corner of the DCAU. Oh, sure, we've seen the Bat-family expand to include Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin, seen the intro of Zatanna who might be another hero, and Lobo who might be a... well... not really sure what he’s supposed to be... bu…

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Exnihil Exnihil 24 March 2019

Custom Order Rewatch - Part 07

It's time again for another installment of the Custom Order Rewatch by Exnihil (or C.O.R.B.E.N. for those in the Venn diagram overlap of obsessive abbreviators and Metallo fans).

When last we met, we had knocked out a solid 21 episode run of Superman: The Animated Series. This time, Supes begins to share his space, begrudgingly at first, with a three-part STAS team-up with his Gotham counterpart, then yielding to a full back-and-forth episode ping-pong with The New Batman Adventures. And both of our heroes make way for a mid-season interlude by the Main Man. Wouldn’t you?

You'll notice, when you get down to the full table at the bottom, that I’ve abandoned the alternating "bands of white color" scheme to separate episodes. This is just an …

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Exnihil Exnihil 11 March 2019

Custom Order Rewatch - Part 06.5

OK, so I know this affects exactly zero people - especially considering that none of this nomenclature is used anywhere on earth other than in these very blog posts - but, nevertheless, the more I thought about about it, the more I realized that I probably should change the way I’ve been labeling the production numbers of these episodes.

Nothing too big of a change - I’m still going separate out each discrete production run into its own separate sequence - I just think that since there is enough documentation out on the web to figure out at what point the four feature films actually went into production, they should probably have their own separate sequence numbers.

So, basically, since we know that Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was ordered after t…

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Exnihil Exnihil 10 March 2019

Custom Order Rewatch - Part 06

Look... there on your screen!

It's some words... it's a page... it’s...

Another season of the Exnihil custom DCAU order!

Having completed all the episodes of the original Batman: The Animated Series, the natural progression would be, of course, to continue with the follow-on, Superman: The Animated Series. On that front, this order shall not disappoint.

However, given that the initial season of STAS was only 13 episodes, where this order may disappoint is if - realizing that I’d have to dip into season 2 (sometimes called "The New Batman/Superman Adventures," as it combined episodes of The New Batman Adventures) to flesh out it out - you are expecting to see a certain caped crusader pop up.

Nope, doesn’t happen at this time.

Although there are a f…

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Exnihil Exnihil 4 March 2019

Custom Order Rewatch - Part 05

And like that...they’re gone!

Yep, another week, another season of the Exnihil DCAU custom order - this time out wrapping up all remaining episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. These will comprise all the episodes from the actual airdate season 3 - or, in other words, during the The Adventures of Batman & Robin branding - as well as one episode from each of the other aired seasons, plus the second BTAS feature film. That makes for just 14 episodes (albeit the last one feature-length), or the shortest season you’ll see in this whole order.

Call it the "writer’s strike" season, if you will.

It was a bit of an interesting exercise putting this last batch into a cohesive story. For one... whereas in seasons 1 through 4, I could juggle stor…

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