One of my interests is in Art. I think that when an actor or actress changes up his/her voice, it's art. Good or bad, I still applaud the creativity that the DCAU voice actors have. In response to Thailog's own list, I picked 20 voice actors that I felt were excellent and picked a memorable quote, either from conversations or single quotes.

Here they are, in increasing order:

20. Mike Erwin (Speedy) (This mainly goes to fact that he is also an actor on screen. I think his best voice is mainly his teenage one, which he uses for Speedy. He only got a small role, but it's used in two shows: JLU and Teen Titans)


Green Arrow: You wanted Superman? Now you've got... (two heroes teleport into the middle of the fight) the Crimson Avenger and my ex-sidekick.
Speedy: Ex-partner.

19. Hynden Walch (Ace, Permafrost) (I like voices of young girls, no matter what language the show is in. By young, I mean early teenage or children. Be she hero or villain, traumatized or not, Hynden put her effort into making each girl she voiced unique)

Ace: When I was little, Cadmus used to make me play all kinds of games. But they weren't any fun, either. They'd strap me into their machines, and poke wires into my brain. "Ace, can you move this object with your mind?" (a tree gets lifted up from the ground) "Yeah, I can move it." They weren't really games, you know.

18. William Atherton (Doctor Destiny) (Others may know him as a hero in Ghostbusters, in the DCAU, he's known as a psychotic villain with an inferiority complex who enters people dreams. That made him badass and made me give him a place)

Doctor Destiny: Coming here was the mistake of your life. You see, the closer I am to someone, the stronger I get. I'll be able to go into your brain even if you're wide awake.

I will reveal three actors per week. If I don't have time to give a section, I'll let you know. More to come, so see you around.