Continuing where we left off, the last three were a tribute to one-shot characters. Here are the voice actors who I felt did a good job at rendering out of place villains, and continuing on with the top 20 DCAU voices.

17. Michael York (Count Vertigo, Montague Kane, Ares) - York seems to have a flair for voice acting characters who manipulate to gain power. One of his characters was a con man who framed magicians, another grabbed power when he felt he was used. He's in there because he provides a distinction for each one.

Bruno Mannheim: Where in God's name are we?
Kanto: That depends. Which 'God' are you talking about?

16. Ed Asner (Roland Daggett, Granny Goodness)- What I find creepy is that he was able to play both a male, White Collar criminal and a seemingly elder female with authority. That's something.

Granny Goodness: I seek out the lost little lambs society has cruelly abandoned, I take them lovingly under my wings, give them the power to face the cold hardness world and kick his butt!

15. Sherman Howard (Steppenwolf, Derek Powers/Blight) - Since Halloween is fast approaching, I figured I'd put Blight in there not only because of his appearance matching a Halloween theme, but also how well his pitch changed when he got ticked as Powers in Batman Beyond.

Blight: And behold, I shall be a blight upon the land, and everything I touch shall wither and die!

I have officially decided on scheduling the continued list. Every Friday, I will post three actors or actresses on my Top 20. Stay tuned for next Friday.