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DC Animated Universe

Hello, I'm the Naked Samurai.

Not...not literally. I mean, like, sometimes. But not right now.

...Don't give me that look! It's just a name! It's supposed to be funny!

Anyway, I'm a big fan of the work Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Co. did when they created the DC Animated Universe. I have a near unhealthy obsession with the Universe now, having seen the majority of the works several times at this point. If, for some reason, I haven't seen it yet, rest assured that I will.

I'm an English major. It's convenient for me, because I like to write. I'm thrilled to have found this Wikia, and I want to bring as much to it as I can. As Thailog and Bonegnawer have probably noticed (since they're the most active contributors right now), my personal writing style has integrated itself into the articles I've written. I've also gone picture crazy, it seems, so slap me if that gets out of hand.

I can't even describe how entertained I am by the number of incredibly minor characters I've written articles for. They please me to no end.

My current project is providing articles (new for some, updated for others) for the Batman rogues. With the completion of Catwoman, the notorious Batman Rogues are finished. Except for the Penguin, who I hate anyway. The remaining 12 villains will be much easier to write, because they only appear in 1-3 episodes at most, which are much more manageable numbers.

My other goal is to see how many different ways I can write the "Revamp" section for BTAS characters. I'm pretty sure I haven't said the same thing verbatim yet.

My Contributions
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Anyway, I'm a thief right now. I liked how Thailog's page looked, so I borrowed what I could and changed it so it would reflect me. My knowledge of Wikicode is rather limited at this point; someday I might be able to make an original page here. Hopefully Thailog's not angry at me over this. If he is, he'll smite me. With vengeance. And...cake? Can you be smote by cake?