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"When you look too long into the abyss, the abyss looks back through you. Maybe it's time for Batman to return to the night that spawned him before anyone else gets hurt."

Greetings all! I am J Fan, but many know me as CJSFan. While I've been to many Wikis, I am mainly known at POTC Wiki.

I officially joined Wikia as "CJSFan" on April 4, 2010 and have had fun ever since! My main domain Wiki-wise is POTC Wiki(yea, I'm a huge Pirates nerd lol), while I briefly contribute to other Wikis, like add images, make any suggestions, etc. I've been a Wiki user since 2010, and have been making as many great contributions at Wiki ever since...particularly of course: POTC Wiki!

On March 2012, I decided to change my username to "J Fan" as I had a revelation of being both a POTC and Batman nerd...and loving the two big characters that start with "J"(Jack Sparrow for POTC, Joker for Batman lol). I have made a few contributions to DC-related wikis(Batman Wiki and here at DCAU Wiki), so I think that'll help me very much. And to answer this question "what are we going to call you now?": you can call me whichever of these names you like(J Fan is now my official Wiki name; but as I said LOTS of people know me as "CJSFan").

About me

Brief Bat-Fan Talk

"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am BATMAN!"

I am a fan of Batman, probably the BEST hero of all comics "popular-wise", but sad to say I've never read any of the comics...but if I could, I would love to read some. The ones I would love to read, if I can get my hands on them, Daughter of the Demon, Mad Love and Joker's Millions(since the BTAS adaptions were great). I'm also thinking of getting The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke, as I've read or heard from some people that each were some of the greatest of the Batman comics.

As for my love for this DC Universe, I think I've liked it as far as I can remember. But because of its cancellation, I wasn't able to watch it until quite recently on uploaded videos on the internet. And so my love for this universe grew again! I look forward into helping out in anyway possible.

The Joker

"Without Batman, crime has no punchline."
The Joker

And if it's not too obvious already, I am a HUGE fan of the Joker! Don't get me wrong, Batman has a LOT of cool villains, but Joker's more of my taste of Batman villainy...mostly because I'm more attached to comedic and trickster type figures, which Joker kinda is. Before any of you ask, I'll go ahead and say it: while I agree with many that Heath Ledger's Joker was brilliant(one of many things that made Nolan's films interesting to watch)...he is only second to my personal favorite Joker: Mark Hamill!

As with the "Brief Bat-Fan Talk" bit, you can also learn more about this, as well as my view on the Batman in general, down on my userpage at Batman Wiki.

Favorite DCAU Characters

Just some of my favorite DCAU characters. A "/" would mean that the charaters are tied for favorite.




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To be fair, VHS days have been gone for some time, and so I most likely don't own these anymore. But I do remember seeing the covers and watching these years ago.

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Favorite DCAU stuff

Basically, stuff that has something to do with the DCAU that I like.

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Favorite Quotes

Yes, I am aware that these are mainly from the Joker(so sue me, lol).


Batman: The Animated Series

"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am BATMAN!"
— Batman

The New Batman Adventures

"She almost had me, you know. Arms and legs chained, dizzy from the blood rushing to my head. I had no way out other than convincing her to call you. I knew your massive ego would never allow anyone else the "honor" of killing me. Though I have to admit, she came a lot closer than you ever did... Puddin'."
— Batman to Joker on Harley

Justice League

"Don't even think about it."
— Batman to a medic, who was about to remove his mask

The Joker

Batman: The Animated Series

"Without Batman, crime has no punchline."
— The Joker

Justice League

"Whoopsie! Time to run. But there is still one unfinished piece of business."
— Joker

"The good news is, it looks like the Bat is getting warm.
(Batman lands on a volcano in the casino, as Joker looks at the cameramen, who are silent)
Getting warm, I said.
(The cameramen bewilderingly stare at the Joker, who stares back.)
(pointing at the screen)
(The cameramen begin to weakly laugh, which grows into roaring forced laughter, as the Joker stares, clearly unconvinced)
That's enough, nobody likes a brown-nose.
— The Joker on Batman

"I can't believe he didn't suspect a trap. See what happens when you don't watch enough television?"
— The Joker on Green Lantern

"Whew! Is it just me, or is there something going on between those two? Will Green Lantern ever admit to his feelings? Will Hawkgirl ever stop sublimating her passions with that BIG HONKING MACE?! Will True Love conquer all?...(raises his detonator) Not on my show!"
— The Joker

"Ooh! Medical drama, life and death stakes, compelling human conflict...RATINGS!"
— The Joker

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

"Hello, Gotham. Joker's back in town!"
— The Joker

"It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.... Oh, what the heck, I'll laugh anyway!"
— The Joker to Batman

"You know, kids, a lot has changed since your old Uncle Joker's been away. New Gotham, new rules... even a new Batman. But now I'm tanned, I'm rested and I'm ready to give this old town a wedgie again!"
— The Joker to Batman



Ventriloquist: (quietly) Oyez, oyez.
(The shouting does not stop)
Scarface: (loudly) He says oyez, dirtbags! Dummy up! Geez, I gotta do everything for you. Court is now in session! The Good People of Arkham Asylum vs. the self-righteous vigilante called Batman! Our prosecutor is ready, likewise our fair and impartial jury!
Mad Hatter: Hang him!
Harley Quinn: Shoot him!
Killer Croc: Hit him with a rock!
Scarface: And now, all rise for the most honorable, most benevolent, most merciful Judge Joker!
Joker: (bangs gavel) Guilty!
Janet: I was promised a chance to defend my client!
Joker: Oh, very well. Like it'll make a difference.

Janet: I object to this witness! She's obviously trying to influence the judge.
(Joker is lying across the bench with his head in Harley Quinn's lap, while she massages his chest)
Joker: What makes you say that?

Joker: Jury, you've heard the evidence. Consider your verdict
Mad Hatter: Your Honor, in light of Ms. Van Dorn's stirring defense, we have no choice but to find the defendant.. not guilty.
Janet: Amazing!
Joker: Well done, counselor. You've proven that Batman didn't create us. That we in fact messed up our own rotten lives. And as we are so rotten, vile and depraved... we're going to waste you anyway! (villains cheer) A-bi, a-bi, a-bi, that's all, folks! (bangs down a rubber chicken) Let's mambo!

Two-Face: Everyone spread out! Don't let him get away!
Batman: (from darkness) Who says I'm leaving?

Two-Face: Nobody panic!
(Everyone turns to find Harley Quinn dangling from the ceiling, strapped in Batman's straitjacket)
Joker: OK... start panicking!

Scarface: Hold on, you'll hit Croc!
Joker: What's your point?

Injustice For All

Joker: You're not going to leave him like this, are you?
Luthor: Why?
Joker: Hello?! He's still alive.
Luthor: And he's going to stay that way until I say we don't need him anymore!
Joker: Lex, Lex, listen to someone who knows. (whispers) Don't wait...do it now.
Luthor: You don't like my decisions? Leave!
Joker: (leaving, grumpily) And they say I'm crazy.

Joker: (wheeling a TV into Batman's cell) Showtime, everybody! Live and in color - the end of the Justice League!
Batman: Don't make me laugh.
Joker: It's no joke. There's a surprise hidden in your little clubhouse. (turns on the TV, showing the Watchtower) And when your friends get there, kablooie! (holds up a box) Popcorn? (Batman is silent) Oh well, more for me.
Ultra-Humanite: Joker, you nauseate me.
Joker: Ohhhh, he's going to miss the show... and the sequel.
Batman: What sequel?
Joker: After the bomb gets your friends, I get you. (laughs)

Joker: No fair! How did you get free?
Batman: I could have escaped anytime, but I thought I'd stick around to keep an eye on you clowns.
(Batman punches Joker)
Joker: You're desthpicable! (faints)

Only a Dream

Green Lantern: Look, whatever he is, he's sure not in the same league as Grundy and the others. He's a nobody.
Batman: Ever read the "Odyssey"? After Odysseus was caught by the cyclops, he told it his name was "Nobody". So when he poked its eye out and its friends asked who did it, all the cyclops could say was "nobody".
Green Lantern: Point taken.

Dr. Destiny: Adrenaline rush wearing off? Good. The doctor will see you now.
Batman: Sorry. I’m gonna have to cancel that appointment.

Wild Cards

Superman: (To Flash) That was quite a stunt you just pulled off.
Flash: I know. Can't wait to catch the rerun.
Joker: Was that great or what! Let's give a big hand for the Justice League for foiling my bomb plot. Come on!
(The cameramen bewilderingly clap their hands)
Joker: You know, our show has been picked up by all the news channels. And the last 15 minutes or so, we've been running on the Broadcast network. According to my projections, we've got somewhere between 60-70 million people watching right now. And that was the point all along: this whole thing was a stunt, to get as many of you watching as possible; and it worked! My Royal Flush Gang provided the conflict, the Justice League brought the star power, and I brought the shocking surprise ending. Everyone watching this show right now is witness to my greatest joke ever; in just over five minutes, you'll all be hopelessly, incurably insane.
(smiles evilly as he turns around Ace's chair to face the camera)

Joker: It's only a matter of time, now. A few more minutes and millions of people are going to go (blubbering)...and it's all because of you; the best sidekick a homicidal maniac ever had.
Harley: What about me?!
Joker: Harley!
Harley: Yeah, Harley, ya worthless two-timing pig—
Joker: Wait! Wait...We can't have everything we have be ruined by a silly misunderstanding.
Harley: And just what is it that I'm not understanding?
Joker: That we're two of a kind, that you'll always come back to me.
Harley:...Yeah, I guess I do, don't I? But—
Joker: Like the swallows in Capistrano, and there's one other thing you're not getting.
Harley: What?
Joker:...That you led Batman right to my doorstep!

Flash and Substance

Flash: Here's the deal: you tell me where those guys went, and I promise to come visit you in the hospital. We'll play darts! The soft kind.
Trickster: Okay. They're going to ambush you at the Flash Museum.
The Flash: See? That's all we needed.

Orion: What about your enemy?
The Flash: Oh, right. (to the Trickster) Dude, as soon as you finish your drink, turn yourself in.
Trickster: (raising his mug) Got me again, Flash!

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