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Ultra-Humanite was an albino gorilla whose intelligence is far superior to many men. Unfortunately, his true talents were not put to use when he served as a member of the Injustice Gang. In fact, the villain would likely prefer to go out on his own than being surrounded with those who are far less sophisticated than himself, but he often clashes with Superman, the Flash and the Justice League.


Unique among the supervillians, Humanite is a true lover of the arts, such as opera. That passion is so strong that Batman took advantage of it to persuade him to turn on Lex Luthor and his Injustice Gang. As a result, Humanite turned himself in so he could savor in prison the cultural programming made possible by a massive donation Batman promised to give in his name.

Ultra-Humanite showed his more "human" side some time later. He originally wanted to destroy a massive museum collection of statues of modern art, which he saw as garbage, but took time from villainy to spend Christmas with Flash and some orphans with a toy he refitted to tell the story of The Nutcracker.

Background Information

In the comics, Ultra-Humanite was a genius scientist who in fact transplanted his brain into a plethora of different bodies to preserve his own life, eventually settling for the albino gorilla due to its immense strength. It's likely that in the show, he had also been a somewhat normal human once, as remarked in "Comfort and Joy". While initially he was a Superman foe, he eventually preferred to have the Flash as his enemy. While he was presented as amoral at worst in the show, he did not display this repentance in comics; these are traits more commonly associated with the comics version of the Shade.


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