Twilight in Gotham

Unveiling of Twilight of Gotham

Twilight in Gotham was a painting by Guiseppe Bianci.


Gotham City was celebrating its tricentennial anniversary and Guiseppi Bianci was commissioned by the Gotham City council to produce a work of art. As the painting was unveiled at a ceremony by Mayor Hamilton Hill, Bianci took to the podium and thanked the crowd for their gratitude saying that they made the struggle worthwhile. However, Mr. Freeze came down from the ceiling on a rope and vowed to make it worth nothing. Freeze praised the technique of the painting asking if it perhaps took a lifetime to create. As Freeze had his freeze gun pointed at the painting, Bianci pleaded with him saying he was too old to paint another. Though Freeze admitted it was a pity, he froze the painting anyway and it was destroyed.[1]


The New Batman Adventures


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