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Tsukuri was a member of Aresia's Injustice Gang. Sometime after, she was recruited into Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Tsukuri was an Asian mercenary, skilled in martial arts and proficient with a katana. Her skills made her an excellent candidate for Aresia's incarnation of the Injustice Gang. She fought Batman, but was slammed during a fight in Gotham Biotech. Along with her teammate Star Sapphire, Tsukuri aided in Aresia's attempt to wipe out all men in the world. While using a plane to spread toxins that affect only men, the Gang was only opposed by the females of the Justice League. During the battle, Tsukuri escaped Aresia's plane with a jet pack, just before the plane crashed.[1][2]

Tsukuri later joined Grodd's Legion of Doom with a new look, donning purple armor. After Luthor took over as the Legion's new leader, Tsukuri stopped attending meetings, and was not present during the mutiny.[3]

Background information[]

According to Rich Fogel, Tsukuri's motives for following Aresia were born out of romantic feelings for her. "Tsukuri, who [was] more her sidekick, was in love with her and would follow her anywhere."[4]


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