"Trick or Trick?" is a two-part episode of Gotham Girls.


Trick or Trick Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy offers a gift to Harley Quinn.

Part One: Harley Quinn lies on a couch in Poison Ivy's place, bored of "kvetching about" on Halloween, of all nights, and begins sobbing over memories of what she and the Joker used to do together. Poison Ivy manages to cheer her up with a life-sized balloon of Mr. J, ordered from Real Villains—a "Halloween treat". Harley Quinn, guilty about not having gotten her anything, runs out to the pawn shop. She breaks a window, grabs a diamond necklace, and declares that it's perfect, but she still needs something for Ivy. Then she sees Batgirl nearby...

Trick or Trick Man disguised Batgirl

A man who dresses up as Batgirl.

Part Two: Harley chases Batgirl down an alley—and sees her leave, then come back out through a door... and then, after continuing to follow her for a minute, is baffled as Batgirl keeps turning up around every corner. Finally, she knocks her out with a spring-loaded boxing glove, only to discover that it's someone in a Halloween costume. Returning to the Batgirl Costume Contest, she finds a crowd of Batgirls. Things come to an abrupt end when the real one declares, "I'm Batgirl."

Interactive Segment

When Harley Quinn is at the pawn shop, there is a prompt to help her decide what to get, including a Ming vase, a moose head, and scuba gear, as well as the diamond necklace. The first three cause her to imagine Poison Ivy with them. Choosing the necklace advances the cartoon.

At the end, there is a crowd of Trick-or-Treaters in Batgirl costumes to choose from. Clicking them produces, variously, a message stating "That's not her...", a small girl hopping away with a cookie in her mouth, a cardboard cutout falling over, and an obese man wearing a bandana, until the real Batgirl is revealed.

Background information

Production notes

  • This episode was originally released in two parts.


  • When Harley and Ivy unmask the guy dressed as Batgirl, they appear to be in the Batcave.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy


Harley Quinn: This is the bestest Halloween treat I coulda gotten... but I didn't get nothin' for you, Red.
Poison Ivy: Not necessary.
Harley Quinn: Yeah, necessary. Don't go nowhere, I'll be right back. [runs out the door]
Poison Ivy: Oy vey...

Harley Quinn: (after stealing the necklace) Yes! This is perfect! Still gotta get something for Red, though.

Fake Batgirl: (to Harley Quinn, in costume) Nice Harley.

Poison Ivy: I'm touched, really, but... I think you made a mistake.
Harley Quinn: You don't like it?
[Poison Ivy rips off "Batgirl's" fake lips and mask, revealing a man beneath.]
Harley Quinn: Who'da thought? Batgirl, a guy?

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