DC Animated Universe

Tracy Simmons was a physicist employed at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Partnered with Dr. Daniel Brown, Simmons was researching an alternative energy source. When Metropolis was attacked by the sorcerer Mordru, his magic opened a chasm in the ground that damaged the laboratory and started a fire that ruptured the source's containment field. Dr. Brown was caught in the subsequent explosion, and became a walking black hole.

Knocked unconscious by the explosion, Simmons was revived by Booster Gold, who had come to investigate. After explaining the source of the trouble, she also gave Booster the means to stop it, a gravity inhibitor collar that needed to be placed around Brown's neck. Hoping to impress the "beautiful scientist," Booster eagerly volunteered to collar Brown, but ended up flubbing it several times, though he also saved Simmons several times, whether from being sucked into the black hole, hit by falling debris, or devoured by a giant building that a stray magic blast had brought to life.

Booster finally gave up, confessing to Simmons that he was a fraud and didn't deserve to be called a superhero. Refusing to believe this, Simmons told him there was no one else who could save the world before the black hole expanded. Spurred on by her order, Booster grabbed Brown and was very nearly sucked into the hole, before managing to attach the collar.

In the aftermath, Simmons felt a rush of attraction (enough for Skeets to detect an increase in her body temperature), but Booster, with his newfound humility, chose not to take advantage of it.

However, she tracked Booster down when he was at his lowest ebb, after receiving a dressing-down from Batman, and invited him out to a dinner date. Booster had finally found one person who believed him a true hero.


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