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The Tower of Fate was where Dr. Fate and his wife Inza lived.


Fate was able to perform multiple acts of magic in the Tower, including opening doorways to other realms. One of his most important missions there was to perform a spell that would prevent Icthultu from entering the human realm with the help of Solomon Grundy and Aquaman.

There have been a few temporary inhabitants of the Tower of Fate. When Shayera Hol became an enemy in the eyes of the world after the Thanagarian invasion, she took refuge there in order to re-establish herself. Later, when Amazo returned to Earth, Fate offered him a home in the Tower to help him understand what his purpose was. The Tower has also been visited a few times by Superman, as well as Aquaman, who would check up on Shayera and Amazo.

Inza kept the Tower organized and tended to every guest's need. She also had a garden that could be accessed through one of the Tower's inter-dimensional doorways. Due to the magical nature of the Tower, objects that could disrupt magic--such as Shayera's Nth metal mace--were not allowed to be held within it.


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