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Tommy Tompkins was a kid from Metropolis.


With his friends, Tommy was present at the Daily Planet's and Hubble Department Store's 87th annual Metro Merchants Parade. They stayed at the scene when a mutated General Eiling attacked, and handled crowd control at the request of Vigilante.

Background information[]

Tommy Thompkins is a member of the Newsboy Legion notable for being the oldest and the leader. The original Tommy Thompkins was active during the Golden Age, although his son Tommy Thompkins, Jr., replaced by a clone Post-Crisis, would later take up the mantle. His compatriots include Big Words, Flippa Dippa, Gabby and Scrapper. They have all been involved with Project Cadmus. Tommy Thompkins was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, first appearing in Star-Spangled Comics #7. (1942)


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