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Tomar Re was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He was present at John Stewart's trial and the Corps' pursuit of Amazo to Earth.

Background information[]

  • Despite never being named in the shows, Mattel's Justice League Unlimited toyline confirmed this character as Tomar Re.
  • In the comics, Tomar Re was the first alien Green Lantern (apart from Abin Sur) to be depicted. Sector 2813—the next sector from Earth's--was his assigned jurisdiction, and in addition to Tomar's home world of Xudar also contained the planet Krypton. Guardians of the Universe ordered him to preserve Krypton, as the Book of Oa had a prophecy regarding the birth of Kal-El, who would be a force for justice, but Tomar Re was delayed when a star he was passing went nova.


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