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Tom Turbine was a member of the Justice Guild of America, on a parallel world.


During his time as a superhero, Tom Turbine battled the Injustice Guild. He subsequently died along with the rest of the Justice Guild during a war that destroyed most of their world. Remembered as heroes, he along with the rest of the Justice Guild were psychically reconstructed and "died" a second time defeating Ray Thompson, who had recreated them all in an illusion of his past world.


Tom Turbine is equipped with a belt that enables him to generate energy for various uses; primarily for superhuman strength and flight.

Also, Tom is an expert in nuclear physics, having determined that there are an infinite number of Earths, all having their own vibrational frequency. He was able to build an interdimensional portal but was unable to find a suitable power source. After the Guild's final sacrifice, Green Lantern managed to successfully power the portal with his power ring. The League was able to return to their own reality, thanks to the genius of Tom Turbine.

Background information[]

According to Bruce Timm, Tom Turbine was based primarily on the Golden Age Atom, Albert Pratt. Several characteristics of early Superman were incorporated into the character as well.


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