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Titus Sweete was a high ranking soldier with terrorist group Brother's Day.


Most of Sweete's activities were unknown, but one of them was laundering funds for Brother's Day.[1] Some time in his past, he'd been in jail and disliked it.[2]

He had most of the funds transferred through an unknowing accountant named Eugene Dolan, keeping the name of the backer anonymous. On one transfer, Dolan asked for a name, claiming it to be a new company policy. Sweete asked that it remained anonymous, to which Dolan complied. As Sweete and his aide left, the latter became suspicious but Sweete put his concerns to rest, stating that Dolan was an "innocent pencil pusher". Unknown to Sweete, Dolan was on a business trip, while government infiltration unit Zeta was posing as him to get the name of the backer. These events lead Zeta to developing a conscience.[1]

Eventually, Sweete was prepared to lead the mission to destroy the government's highest synthoid factory, the sea base Gnosis, so that synthoids would never threaten the human race. Brother's Day blackmailed hologram expert Marcus Edmund to pose as synthoid expert Eli Selig to obtain the coordinates of the Gnosis. They also had to take Edmund along to pose as Selig again if they are stopped approaching the lab. However, Zeta took over for Edmund, so that he could foil Sweete's plan, as well as reach the Gnosis to find Selig. Also, one of Sweete's lackeys was replaced by Zeta's young companion, wearing a device similar to Edmund's. Unfortunately, Sweete's submarine was hard pressed against the perimeter defenses and was considering surrender. However, Zeta and Ro's escape on a sub pod gave Sweete a plan to fool the military into thinking that they have been destroyed, by loading another pod with explosives and allowing it to be destroyed. This allowed Sweete's squad to sneak onto the Gnosis without notice, planting explosives around the base. However, they were spotted and forced to flee. Agent Bennet pinned Sweete down with a door, and demanded to know where Zeta was, believing that Brother's Day captured and reprogrammed him; Sweete denied knowledge of Zeta and claimed that he didn't use synthoids. As Bennet ran off to discover Zeta's real purpose for being here, Sweete managed to detonate the explosives, forcing evacuation. He then noticed Selig getting into a lifepod and shot it down before being pinned down by Bennet again. Sweete was then taken into custody as they escaped the Gnosis' destruction.[2]


The Zeta Project


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