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"- Where's Robin?
- With the Titans.
- The who?
- You'll meet them someday.
— Static and Batman

The Titans are a group of young superheroes.


Robin was a member with the Titans at the time of Static's arrival in Gotham City with Batman.[1] Beast Boy was another member of the Titans, noted for being a green color.[2]

Notable members[]

Background information[]

These were references to the television series Teen Titans, which was in development during the run of Static Shock. Static Shock remains the only DCAU show to directly mention the Titans.

Whilst these references where made at the same time the Teen Titans TV series was airing, the show isn't canon with the DCAU, having too many contradictions with established DCAU canon. The team referenced in Static Shock would very likely be an entirely different line-up to the actual show, possibly the incarnation of the cancelled mentioned series.

Around the 1990s, production of a TV series featuring the Titans was put in development for being part of the DC Animated Universe. Artist Tommy Tejeda made some art concept for the planned series. The series was supposed to connect Batman: The Animated Series with Superman: The Animated Series. Despite this, plans never materialized in favor of the production of Batman Beyond.[3]


Static Shock


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