DC Animated Universe

"What can I say? I'm into metal."

Tina helped Metallo get to Superman through Jimmy Olsen.


Tina has a strange fondness of metal and got into a weird relation with Metallo. Together, they came up with a plan: to get to Superman by kidnapping Lois Lane. She started as an intern at the Daily Planet to get close to her.

All the male employees at the Planet liked her, and Jimmy asked her on a date, twice. Tina's opinion on him changed when Angela Chen ran an item about Jimmy being Superman's "pal", and she asked him out. Jimmy bragged on and on hoping to impress her. Tina decided it was much easier to get Jimmy as bait rather than Lois; to test her theory, she hired a couple of thugs to attack them in an alley. True to her plan, Superman saved them.

This only got Jimmy in bigger trouble, as now everyone had something to ask to Superman – via Jimmy himself. On the run from a group of crazed girls, Tina gave him a ride. She offered to take him somewhere private, where he could relax, an old scrapyard. Little did he know she led him straight to Metallo.

After finding out he had been used, Jimmy ran from the scene, but Tina trapped him in a car. With a magnet, she dropped the car into a crusher. Confident that he couldn't get out, Tina called Lois with the terrible news that someone had kidnapped Jimmy.

After Superman arrived, Jimmy had gotten out of the crusher, and went straight for Tina. She was a much better fighter, but Jimmy fended her off and locked her in a closet. She was later presumably taken into police custody.


Superman: The Animated Series