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Tim Daly (born March 1, 1956 in New York City, New York) is an American actor known for his role as Joe Hackett on the NBC sitcom Wings and his recurring role as the drug-addicted screenwriter J.T. Dolan on The Sopranos.

DCAU filmography[]

Superman: The Animated Series

Clark Kent/Superman

Background information[]

  • Tim Daly provided the voice of Superman for nearly every episode of Superman: The Animated Series. The only episodes Daly wasn't credited were episodes where the the character's younger versions are seen, such as the teenaged version voiced by Jason Marsden.
  • Due to being detained by other contractual obligations, Daly was replaced by George Newbern and Christopher McDonald for later DCAU productions.
  • Daly later reprised his role as Superman in several DC animated movies, including Superman: Brainiac Attacks, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Justice League: Doom alongside several actors that reprised their respective DCAU roles.

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