DC Animated Universe

Tigress was a worker from the Chimera Institute.


As a splicer, Tigress was part of Dr. Cuvier's group of followers who declared war on the "norms". Together with Ramrod and King Cobra, Tigress broke into D.A. Sam Young's house to kill him, given to his outspoken determination to outlaw splicing. Despite having animal genetic augmentation, she was outmatched by Barbara Gordon.

Tigress was forced into hiding afterwards, and while staying at the Carmine's Taxidermy Studio, Batman broke in. She fought him, but was eventually injected with an antidote that reverted her back to human. She was then arrested.

Powers and abilities[]

Tigress had been spliced with a tiger's genetic material, bestowing her with strength, stamina, agility and an acute sense of smell. She alone detected Batman twice: when he trespassed the Chimera Institute and Carmine's Taxidermy Studio.


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