I Don't Get It Those 90's Comics Aren't Available Anywhere If Someone Wants To Send Me Something Thats There Choice And Thats How It Should A Full Collection Of The 90s Run Is Great Ideal And Someone Having The Whole Comic Line Would Be A Worthy Patreon Seriously People Do It All The Time To Have Unavailable Stuff To Pirate But The Legal Way Is Buys Singular Licences And That Takes A Long Time British Netflix Is Shit To American So I Use Hola Beta Internet For The American Version Thats Just How Life is Your Talking As If Your In A Life Where Everything Is Available For A Price The Whole Of Static Shock Isn't On DVD You Definitely Giving Me A Answer In The Decade If I See On Where Everything Is Available For Price I Doubt I'd live To Even See The Day Where Everything With TV/Cinema/Internet Exposure Of Video Content That Was Professionally Made Via Company To Be Available On Sale Online

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