• I thought I should explain some of my edits that were reverted for whatever reason.

    For Superman 64, none of those actors recorded dialogue, it's a few copy and pasted soundbites from the show.

    As for the Batman and Batgirl, those character bio tabs are specifically about their different superhero designs, not their civilian looks. Hence being named "Batman" and "Batgirl." It makes more sense to put Bruce's Beyond costume in the bio, and his old Bruce Wayne look below, just like the other character bio's.

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    • I didn't restore any Superman 64 info you removed.

      The infobox image is for the most recognizable looks. Favoring a pic used for two minutes over one used in the entire series is not helpful.

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    • Ah well, never mind then.

      Moreover, there's something else I wanted to ask. Could I merge the Justice Lord character info, and the Brave New Metropolis characters into their regular character pages? That way, it would be more tidy, and the information would be available on the same page.

      For example, the alternate Batman in the Savage time or the Once and Future Thing is listed on the same page as the regular character.

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    • Savage Time Batman is an altered timeline. BNM and Lords are an alternate universe.

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    • Oh. That makes sense.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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