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    I never got a response on this, and I was wondering if this might be worth taking into consideration about the Lobo Webseries. Personally, I feel we should abide by the same rules that we do with the other DCAU content that isn't necessarily in continuity.

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    • I think we decided to make it canon for us was because the Lobo shows up as a wax figure in the Gotham Girls web series, which is slightly less questionably canon.

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    • That's literally the only thing and that's a vague easter egg at best. Unlike Gotham Girls, Lobo is a different character in terms of design/powers, none of the DCAU crew worked on it, tonally and content wise it's completely different, and it has practically zero connections to the DCAU shows.

      For example, the Batman and Harley Quinn film has B:TAS characters making cameo appearances as a fun easter egg, but we don't count that as canon here, which makes sense. The same concept should apply here as well.

      Do you think it might be possible to move the Lobo Webseries into the non-canon section? Because it just seems like a weird outlier on this wiki as it is.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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